The Twins' mesmerising feats have included making elephants appear under the Big Top, materialising Super Bikes at lightning speed, disappearing a $400,000 luxury yacht, and appearing a $250,000 helicopter, from nowhere, onto an empty stage! Not to mention flying across a stage, over a speechless audience! The Twins truly stretch the boundaries to create exciting and innovative entertainment.

It’s a new era for this ancient art form.
It's illusion with attitude.
It’s The Twins.
Europe's hottest illusionists

"Fantastic!" The Times, British national newspaper

"ASTONISHING!" The Sun, British tabloid newspaper.

These illusions form part of the Twins' extensive repertoire and demonstrate their unique position as the world's only identical twin illusionists. If you would like to see more, contact The Twins for a full length visual presentation DVD.

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