"A $250,000.00 helicopter appears on an empty stage!"

"$400,000 luxury yacht disappears!"

"A Super Bike materialises out of thin air"

"They fly without wires over a speechless audience"

The Twins, not content with being the world's only identical twin illusionists, can also boast that they have become the hottest illusionists in Europe specialising in inconceivable and spectacular illusions.

They have thrown away the template, deleted the preconceptions, done away with the run of the mill illusions, and replaced them with a fresh flow of ideas, a bank of knowledge and bespoke illusions.

The Twins work with their clients on everything from a single mega illusion to a full Casino theatre show and everything in between.

With an impressive track record they measure their success by the success of their clients - satisfactory is not good enough. The Twins can only succeed if you are delighted.

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